Welcome to BIMmuse.com!

As the header says, this site will be a collection of thoughts on applying BIM for Structural Engineers…and that doesn’t just mean Revit! I plan to include topics on every aspect of what my firm has called “digital design” — everything software-related that a designer, engineer, or drafter uses to complete a building design. So there will be a lot of Revit, but there will also be RAM, RISA, and ETABS, links between them and Revit, and IT stuff like silent installs and automated deployments. There might even be a bit of AutoCAD, because that’s still a significant part of our workflow. (Think big, right?)

Before I dive into the technical posts, I wanted to take a minute to explain the site name. “BIM” is pretty obvious. I chose “muse” because I want to share my musings with you (muse: ponder, contemplate, think), and also because I eventually hope this site will serve as a muse itself (muses: in Greek mythology, the sources of inspiration for literature, science, and the arts).

Hey, I said I was thinking big, didn’t I?

If you put the two halves together, you also get a nice little pun. (I love puns!) “BIMmuse”, said out loud, sounds an awful lot like “bemuse” (bemuse: to confuse or bewilder). And be honest now — haven’t we all been bewildered or confused by the BIM process at some point?

At any rate, as the site grows I hope to move from bewildered to inspired…and I hope some of you come along for the ride.