The end of November brings two time-honored traditions to the design community: the celebration of Thanksgiving (with our family) and Autodesk University (with our other family).


With various friends & colleagues (a.k.a. AU Family) at previous events

This will be my 12th AU (wow), and by now, that community does feel like family. AU is where I find the people who are trying to solve the same challenges I am in the design process, and who know exactly what I mean when I say “can you believe it works THAT way?” Great big extended family…or group therapy sessions. (I’m never quite sure.)

I’m not speaking this year, so I’ll have plenty of time to attend classes and hang out in the exhibit hall. You can probably find me in a Dynamo session, or a structures-focused Revit talk, or at the AUGI booth in the hall. One place you can be sure to see me is at the AUGI Annual Meeting on Wednesday at 5:30…let me just say you won’t want to miss it. 🙂

Can’t come to Las Vegas? Watch from the comfort of your home or office! AU is live-streaming not only some of the mainstage events but ALSO a great selection classes! And of course much of the material presented will become part of the ever-expanding AU Online experience.

Hope to see you there–if you see me walking around, be sure to say hello!