Autodesk University 2015 is two-thirds complete, and it’s kind of astonishing to think that there can still be more after today. No live-tweeting today, but here’s what I did instead.

Before lunch

I started the day in a focus group for Autodesk Subscription. I always love these, because I’m very opinionated when it comes to using and managing my software, and it’s nice to know someone is listening. And the moderators are so patient, even when the participants contradict each other with our requests!

After that was a lab…unfortunately, the less said about that, the better. It had some technical difficulties that might have thrown off even an experienced presenter, and in the end I left early. It wasn’t a total loss, though, because I stopped in for a chat with more Autodesk researchers, this time about what makes a student seeking work an attractive candidate to a hiring manager.

After lunch

The afternoon was dedicated to prepping for the annual AUGI General Meeting, and then to the meeting itself. It all went great, if I do say so myself. I’m having trouble posting pictures on the mobile WordPress app, but if you check Twitter or the AUGI Facebook page you can check some out and see if you agree. If I get a chance, I’ll revisit this post when I’m back at my computer and can add some images.

After dinner

In the evening, I spent some time in the AUGI booth, still in costume from the AGM. Two things I noticed there: (1) After a while, you almost forget you’re in costume and start to wonder why people are giving you funny looks; and (2) Here, even people in Star Wars costumes don’t get as many funny looks as you might think!

After I ditched the Leia wig, I went to the Social Media & Blogger meetup, where I got a chance to actually see a lot of the great people I only see online the rest of the year. I also had a nice chat with our special guest Roman Mars, of 99% Invisible…don’t mind saying I was a little star-struck!

 To cap off the day, I stopped in at a customer reception hosted by my reseller. I thought it might be winding down, since I got there kind of late…nope. It was in full swing when I arrived, and was still going strong when I left a little while later.

Now this recap is done, and it’s time to rest again for what I know will be a fantastic (but very long) day tomorrow. No promises that you’ll see a post about Thursday anytime before Monday…